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It's so great to go to your favorite places and get a good discount just because you're a student.

Yoga 101

Welcome to Yoga 101, located in Berea, Ohio, just southwest of Cleveland and specializing in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic, yet meditative, form of yoga synchronizing movement and breath into one continuous and beautiful “flow.” This ancient system allows you to cleanse and strengthen your body and mind, by allowing your body to purify itself through sweat, and purify your mind through breath.

Yoga 101 believes in the healing aspects of the Asthanga Vinyasa system and therefore offers a variety of accessible classes, derived from this system, that are modified to suit the new yoga student or the seasoned practitioner. We offer a safe space for your practice and will do everything possible to help you melt away stress and leave you feeling peaceful and at ease.

Yoga 101

216-702-YOGA (9642)
101 Front Street • Berea, OH 44017

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Student Rate

Visit the Yoga 101 Website for Student rates. Plus "New Students" special 2 week rate $25.00 (unlimited yoga).*