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Senior Care Clinic at Harborview

The Senior Care Clinic at Harborview provides primary care and consultative services for patients aged 65 years and older with a geriatric syndrome such as cognitive impairment, falls/gait instability, frailty, and/or functional decline. We emphasize chronic disease management and management of complex interacting medical problems. Care is provided by a multidisciplinary team representing geriatric medicine, psychiatry, pharmacy, nutrition, social work, and nursing. Staff also provides one-on-one teaching about safety issues relevant to seniors, such as fall assessment and prevention, using medications safely and conditions such as hypertension and diabetes. Health education is also available through the Harborview Patient and Family Resource Center.

Consultations specifically for falls/gait instability can be requested from our Falls Clinic, which takes place twice a week. Services include comprehensive assessment of fall risk factors, development of a management plan for identified risk factors and follow-up to encourage adherence to recommendations. See the Fall Prevention Clinic for additional information.

Senior Care Clinic also offers a monthly Healthy Bones Clinic for osteoporosis and other skeletal health issues.

Senior Care Clinic at Harborview

Harborview Medical Center • 325 Ninth Ave. • Seattle, WA 98104

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Senior Care Clinic

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