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It's so great to go to your favorite places and get a good discount just because you're a student.

Simple Tire

Simple Tire


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Simple Tire Military Discount

At Simple Tire, we're proud of our U.S. military and are happy to announce this offer for an additional discount on tires. We know that military men and women work hard to protect our country and give us the freedoms we enjoy in America, so we believe a discount for our military is a small way in which we can say 'thank you'.

If you're active military and looking for tires, take a look at what Simple Tire has to offer. The Simple Tire Military Discount is 5 percent off your total purchase price or 8 percent off if you spend over $500 - just enter the code "MILITARY" during your checkout process. In order to claim your military discount, you'll need to validate your military and/or collegiate membership during the checkout process.  But first, simply search for the tires you need by size, ratio, or vehicle and get started!  You'll be amazed at the selection and low prices at SimpleTire.com.

All personnel with a military status of "Active Duty" or Collegiate Cadets are eligible for this discount. Valid Military or Military College ID is required. Individuals may use the discount when they make purchase online at SimpleTire.com.  By simply typing in "Military" during the checkout process, and verifying their military status, they can receive the discount on that purchase.