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It's so great to go to your favorite places and get a good discount just because you're a student.

Gourmet Baskets

Unique gourmet gift baskets perfect for any occasion!

Welcome to Gourmet Baskets Online! We offer beautiful gourmet gift baskets for all occasions, including exquisite wines, fresh baked cookies, organic snacks, beers from around the world, gourmet meats and cheeses, and so much more. Whether you are shopping for a special occasion or holiday, we have the perfect gift basket to meet your every need. We also offer professional corporate gifts, which are ideal for your clients, employees and colleagues. Our unique gift baskets make perfect gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, housewarming, christmas, easter and any other special occasion or holiday you can think of. At GourmetBasketsOnline.com, you will find quality unique gift basket that will surely impress.

From Starbucks and Peet's Coffees to Godiva and Ghirardelli Chocolates, Gourmet Baskets Online also boasts a wide selection of wine gift baskets comprised of exquisite wines from award winning wineries from around the country. Rest assured that your recipients will be receiving the freshest products, as our gift baskets are not prepackaged. Each basket is hand designed by our specialized gift basket designers when the order is received. This will ensure the best quality foods, including fresh fruits, gourmet snacks, fresh baked cookies and savory meats and cheeses.


Gourmet Baskets


10% OFF

We are proud to offer all staff, faculty, students and alumni an exclusive 10% off discount on any of our beautiful gift baskets and holiday gifts. Simply visit www.gourmetbasketsonline.com and enter coupon code SAVINGSCLUB10 during checkout to receive the discount.*
*Must enter coupon code SAVINGSCLUB10 during checkout to receive the discount.