It's so great to go to your favorite places and get a good discount just because you're a student.
for School Organizations

How It Works for School Organizations

How about bringing a great student discount program to your school?  Notoriously, college is a time when funds are tight - students have always had to dig for loose change.  This economy just makes things harder.  The STUDENT SAVINGS CLUBsm is a way to lighten the load for everyone.  Collectively, the students, faculty and staff at your college or university can save many thousands of dollars each year using student discounts at local and national businesses that are important to you.

Your school organization could be the perfect sponsor for the STUDENT SAVINGS CLUBsm on your campus.  If you are a student government organization, student life office, student activities office, campus ID card office, or any other recognized student organization, this could be an opportunity for you to provide a great student discount program to your school, and to get the credit and recognition for doing so.

Please read these recommendation letters from organizations like yours at: Baldwin-Wallace College (new window) and Pepperdine University (new window).

Here is how it works:

  • Your organization agrees to sponsor the STUDENT SAVINGS CLUBsm to bring student discounts to your school (see below for how to contact us to make these arrangements).
  • You select some local businesses that you would like to have in your program that would provide discounts for your students.  We contact those businesses and negotiate student discounts from them.  Most student discounts will be available for a full year.
  • In addition, your school will have access to a selection of national and online businesses.
  • The student discounts are listed on the STUDENT SAVINGS CLUBsm.  Your school will have its own landing page, accented with your school colors, identifying your organization as the sponsor and you can also have your organization logo appear on your webpages.
  • To redeem the student discounts, students must either show a valid school ID when making a purchase, print a coupon, or use an online code.
  • Your organization gets the word out about STUDENT SAVINGS CLUBsm on campus.  We assist you by providing information on how to create your own publicity plan and provide you with templates that you can use to help create awareness.
  • Participating businesses are provided with STUDENT SAVINGS CLUBsm decals to indicate that they are in your program.
  • Your annual program sponsorship fee helps to cover the costs of providing the student discount program to your school.

For detailed information about how your school can join STUDENT SAVINGS CLUBsm, please have a member of a recognized on-campus organization or a staff member contact us at 1-800-354-8150 or, send us an email at