It's so great to go to your favorite places and get a good discount just because you're a student.

Promoting the Program at Your School

It's one thing to have a great discount program.  But if nobody knows about it, what's the point?  With anything new, people often need to hear about it multiple times before it starts to sink in.  The same goes for this.  The more times you tell people about it, the more likely they'll take notice and start to use it.

Here are some simple, effective ways for you to get the word out on campus:

  • Email - Can you send out Email announcements to the student body?  To student organizations? Click here to see a sample Launch Email. Click here to see a sample Reminder Email. You can modify and use these or create your own!
  • School Newspaper - Contact your paper and let them know about the program.  Tell them you're available for an interview.  Or, click here for a Press Release you can modify and submit.
  • Facebook - Use your organization's Facebook Group to connect with students to let them know about all the great discounts they can get. If you don't have one, think about setting one up.  It's a great way to stay connected to your student body.
  • Other Stuff
    • Set up a table in a public area. Hand out flyers.
    • Posters - The best strategy is to put up a lot of posters at the same time.  Here is an easy Poster template you can use to create your own.  (See a sample poster.)
    • Flyers - Hand out flyers, or put a few stacks in heavy-traffic areas.  Here is a Flyer template you can customize.  (See  sample flyer.)
    • Does your school have a radio station?  Talk with them.
    • Tell friends!  Use Facebook!  Talk it up!
For help wth any of the templates, or for additional support, contact us at 1-800-354-8150 or