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What Is an Attach Rate? Overview, 11 Facts

What Is an Attach Rate?

An attach rate is the percentage of leads or contacts who have been successfully sent to the sales pipeline by a marketing campaign or sales campaign. This number is calculated by dividing the number of people who have been successfully sent to the sales pipeline by the total number of contacts or leads in the …

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What is a Bean Counter? Meaning, Example, 5 Facts

What is a Bean Counter?

Bean counter is a slang word for a person who does accounting or maintains the finer details of budgets and expenditures in another capacity. What is a Bean Counter? Bean counter is often a derogatory word for an overly diligent or meticulous accountant, however other financial auditors may also suit the definition. While an accountant …

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What are Z Shares? Definition, How It Work, 9 Facts

What are Z Shares?

Class Z shares are a type of mutual fund class; these shares can be acquired without paying a fee up front. Load funds carry up-front commissions and must be purchased through stockbrokers or financial advisors, whereas no-load funds do not have up-front commissions. Self-directed investors flock for no-load funds because to their reduced cost structure. …

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What are Pet Banks? Definition, Overview, 7 Facts

What are Pet Banks?

Pet banks is a disparaging phrase for the state banks chosen by the United States Department of the Treasury in 1833 to receive excess Treasury cash. Wildcat banks are occasionally mistaken with pet banks. Although the two are separate sorts of businesses that emerged simultaneously, some pet banks have been known to participate in wildcat …

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What Is an Inflation Premium? Definition, Formula, 8 Facts

What Is an Inflation Premium

Whether you are borrowing or lending money by investing in bonds, money market funds, or other interest-bearing securities, the interest rate will reflect the current market conditions. Numerous factors influence the fluctuation of interest rates. The inflation premium is a fundamental determinant of interest rates. Understanding what an inflation premium is and how it influences …

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