What Is a Gift Receipt? 10+ Facts About It

Almost everyone is familiar with receipts provided by retail businesses and supermarkets after each purchase. In addition, shoppers frequently request a gift receipt when purchasing items or services to present to others.

Let’s examine the significance of a gift receipt and its specifics.

What Is a Gift Receipt?

A store issues a gift receipt at the moment of sale, just as they would a standard receipt. The primary distinction between a standard cash register receipt and a gift receipt is that the latter omits the prices of the items purchased.

The products bought may or may not be listed by name on a gift receipt; shops offer varying amounts of information. Such receipts enable the buyer to purchase and deliver a gift without disclosing the purchase price.

What Is a Gift Receipt?

The gift receiver may utilize the receipt to return or replace the item if necessary. Upon completion of a transaction, the majority of retailers provide the consumer with an itemized receipt of the things bought.

This receipt often contains a description of each item, the amount paid for it, and any discounts or coupons applied to the item’s price. The receipt also contains the total amount paid and the payment method. In the case of a return, a standard shop receipt helps the consumer to keep track of the products bought and serves as evidence of purchase.

Unlike standard receipts, gift receipts provide less information. Depending on the business giving the receipt, the list of things bought may not contain prices or a total. In the case of a return, some retailers just offer a barcode that may be scanned, without any purchase or pricing information.

Both types of gift receipts are essential when buying a present for a special occasion, event, or holiday. The inclusion of a gift receipt in a birthday, holiday, or other box enables the receiver to return or replace the item if necessary.

If a return or exchange is necessary, the receiver may avoid the humiliation or damaged emotions of asking the donor for a receipt. A gift receipt also conceals the amount spent on the present and does not indicate if the item or goods were bought on sale or with a discount coupon.

During the Christmas shopping season, gift receipts are often issued alongside standard receipts. During the months of November and December, many establishments issue receipts in this format. During other times of the year, a gift receipt may be requested at the point of sale.

If many presents are bought simultaneously, the purchaser may need to seek numerous receipts at the register.

Can I Return a Gift to Target Without a Gift Receipt?

You may return a present to Target without a packing slip or gift receipt, but you will get a product return card that can only be used for in-store purchases.

How Do Gift Receipts Work for Merchandise Returns?

When you use a gift receipt to return items, you will often be granted shop credit rather than cash or a reimbursement to the credit card used to buy the gift. The shop credit may then be used to buy anything else in the store.

What Is a Gift Receipt?

Alternately, you may be able to swap the present for another item; however, if there is a price difference, you may either be required to pay the difference or get store credit in the amount of the difference, depending on which item was more costly.

During the Christmas shopping season, most merchants allow returns with a gift receipt for 15 to 30 days following the date of purchase or the day of the holiday.

How To Return a Gift on Amazon Without a Gift Receipt

If you want to return a gift you got from Amazon but the buyer did not label it as a gift, check the box for the packing slip. This slip should include a “Order ID” number. Sign in with your Amazon credentials. Create an Amazon account if you lack one. Proceed towards the Returns Center. Enter the order number shown on the packing slip and click the search button.

Choose the item(s) you want to return, followed by the reason for the return. If you acquired the products from a third-party seller, that seller must confirm your return request. Follow the on-screen instructions after selecting how you want to return the item.

When Amazon receives your return, it will provide you a gift card for the value of the returned item, which you may use to buy anything else on Amazon. However, the returned item must be in the same condition as when you first got it, and any product exceeding $2,000 may only be reimbursed to the original mode of purchase.

If you do not have the order number, but have the tracking number from the shipping box, you may contact Amazon customer care and a person will utilize the tracking information to locate your product and process your return.

According to the advice on Amazon’s website, if you do not have the order number or the tracking number, you must contact the buyer and request the information. Other sites claim, however, that customer service may be able to check up the purchase using other information, such as the name and email address of the person who gave you the gift.

What Is a Gift Receipt?

Giving a Gift Receipt at the Time of Purchase

When you purchase an item on Amazon, you have many choices for marking it as a gift. Check the “Add a Gift Receipt for Easy Returns” box on the purchasing page. Or, tick the “This Item Is a Gift” box in your Shopping Cart. Or, during checkout, choose “Gift Options.”

Regardless of the choice you choose, the Add Gift Options page will be shown at checkout. Check the “Email the Recipient a Copy of Their Gift Receipt After the Gift Is Delivered” box, enter the recipient’s email address, and then click “Save Gift Options and Continue” to add a gift receipt.

After the present is delivered, they will get a gift receipt that they may use to return it if they so want.

How to Give a Gift Receipt with an Amazon Purchase

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If you purchase a present on Amazon, you may also provide the recipient with a gift receipt in case the size, color, or anything else is incorrect. Thus, they may return it and swap it without involving you. Here’s how to send a gift receipt to the recipient.

You may send a gift receipt both during and after a transaction. We will demonstrate how to accomplish both.

What Is a Gift Receipt?

Giving a Gift Receipt After the Purchase

If you do not click any of the various gift checkboxes when purchasing a present for someone, you may still send them a gift receipt if they need one. Click “Returns & Orders” in the upper-right corner of the Amazon homepage.

Locate the order for which you need a gift receipt and click “Share Gift Receipt.” You then have two alternatives. Copy the link and send it to the recipient through SMS, email, or any other method you like.

Alternately, you may click “Download PDF” and either email or print the PDF file to present to the recipient. The recipient will then be able to return the gift like they would any other Amazon goods.

Is It Rude To Ask for a Gift Receipt?

What Is a Gift Receipt?

Many gift-givers include a gift receipt so the receiver may return or exchange a present without having to ask for one. However, for a number of reasons, some gift donors may not provide a gift receipt.

In these instances, if you want to return or exchange a present, you must either get a receipt from the gift giver or take a risk that the business where the item was bought would accept the return without a receipt.

Gift Receipt and Gift Message

Check “Add gift receipt and note” under Gift Options in your shopping bag, and a separate Gift Receipt will be provided with your item. The Gift Receipt will not include pricing, but the recipient will be able to return or exchange the item(s) for a different size or color.

After selecting “Add gift receipt and message,” you will have the option of creating a FREE gift message for the receiver. The following choices are available on the Gift Options page:

Include one gift message and gift receipt with this transaction.

Include several gift messages and gift receipts with this transaction. If you pick this option, you will be prompted to choose the things to include with the gift receipts and notes.

Can I change my order to include a gift receipt?

Include one gift message and gift receipt with this purchase.

Include numerous gift receipts and personalized notes for this purchase. If you pick this option, you will be prompted to select the things to include in the gift receipts and greetings.

What Is a Gift Receipt?


A gift receipt is a document issued by a retailer stating that a specific item was purchased for a certain person.

This is extremely useful for businesses who need to keep track of gifts. When you receive an e-mail or text from a business with a link to a gift receipt, it shows proof that a product has been purchased.

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